The visual concept and design are by the illustrator Nana Sjöblom and the graphic designer Milena Quattrocchi of Studio de Design KANULART, both based in Vevey.

In order to portray the 13 municipalities of the Riviera-Pays-d’Enhaut district and their different attractions, the two artists decided to create a modern interpretation of traditional “poya” art.

Each element was drawn and cut out by hand before being scanned and refined digitally to create a unique world for the two posters and events.

A Day in Paradise evokes an adventure for the 5 senses: a fun day of gastronomical and cultural exploration. A Walk in Paradise, meanwhile, showcases key activities and attractions that can be found in the region The design in itself is a journey of visual discovery.

Thanks to these visuals, the organising committee hopes to attract many visitors during those two events and then accomplish its goal – to present a district that has so much to offer.